Policy for the People

Principles over Power

Community over Donors

We are a dedicated group of Howard County progressives who believe in principled values.  We have advocated on a wide range of issues including immigration, healthcare, environment, land use, and social justice.  As constituents who live in a representative government, we all have a voice.  Let’s use it to bring about better policy. 

Interested in joining?

1. Fill out the form

2. Get voted in by membership

3. Pay Dues

Annual Dues:

Individual: $36

Individual +1: $50

Payment options:

Venmo: @ProgressiveHoCo

Mail Check: 6801 Oak Hall Lane P.O. Box #6523 Columbia MD 21045

Our Board:

  • President: Hiruy Hadgu

  • Vice President: Claudia Koenig

  • Secretary: Karin Emery

  • Treasurer: Meagan Braganca

  • At-Large:  Taneeka Richardson, Moe Imran, Kiana Fok

Mailing Address:  6801 Oak Hall Lane P.O. Box #6523 Columbia MD 21045