Priority issues for columbia:

1. development

In recent years, downtown Columbia has seen a vast amount of increased development.  While smart growth and progress is a good thing, the way some of the Columbia development proceeded was done in a way that benefitted developers at a cost to the Howard County taxpayers.  TIFs, zoning changes, density additions, and the development issues are continuing.  Join our committee to discuss these and other important issues for Columbia- whether you are new to this issue or are very knowledgeable- all are welcome.  Help us educate the public and advocate for better policies moving forward.

2. stream protection

At our January 2023 monthly meeting, we had members from the Columbia-based group Protect Our Streams talk about the stream restoration projects in Columbia that have not actually been restoring the waterways.  We continue to work with the organization to help resolve this issue.  Here is the recording of the meeting with an excellent discussion on the problem and what has been done so far to address it:

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