campaign finance

We believe that corporate funding of political campaigns must end if we are to strive to be a free & fair democracy.  This includes ALL federal, state and local elections.  The only voices that should matter are those of the people.

Excerpt from the Democratic Party Platform:

“Democrats believe that the interests and the voices of the American people should determine our elections. Money is not speech, and corporations are not people. Democrats will fight to pass a Constitutional amendment that will go beyond merely overturning Citizens United and related decisions like Buckley v. Valeo by eliminating all private financing from federal elections.

In the meantime, Democrats will work with Congress on legislation to strengthen the public funding system by matching small-dollar donations for all federal candidates, crack down on foreign nationals who try to influence elections, and ensure that super PACs are wholly independent of campaigns and political parties. We will bring an end to “dark money” by requiring full disclosure of contributors to any group that advocates for or against candidates…”

Major Initiative Announcement

We are cosponsoring the “No Developer/ No Dark Money Campaign Pledge” along with Sunrise Howard County, Our Revolution Howard County, The People’s Voice and the Howard County Citizens Association.  The pledge calls for candidates running at the state and local level to NOT TAKE developer or dark money donations for the 2022 election cycle.

PDHC believes that special interest money and "dark" money should not be a factor in any election

Help us get special interest money out of our politics