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Strengthening the needs of the people in our community through strong progressive policy is the only way to meet the needs of the constituents. 

Progressive Democrats of Howard County community development

Office of Inspector General

Council member Liz Walsh released a statement on March 6, 2023 in response to a Howard County Auditor report.  In that statement, she proposed the establishment of a new Office of Inspector General.

More info on this upcoming legislation coming soon….

In the meantime, contact your Council member and tell them you support an OIG for Howard County

Rent Stabilization

PDHC, in partnership with Our Revolution Howard County and local rent control advocates, has set up 4 teams of 2 canvassing captains to start community outreach on this issue.  We will start door-knocking this summer to raise awareness and to initiate legislation on rent stabilization for the county.  If you want to join us, fill out your info: